Meet Mitsubishi Elevator – a NeXt Group member making changes for the better

Three quick questions with Evert Visser, Managing Director at Mitsubishi Elevator Europe.


1. Why did Mitsubishi Elevator join NeXt Group? 

– Mitsubishi Elevator Europe fully support the concept of open protocols and easy integrations. We believe the differentiator is the level of service you can supply and not how good you are at protecting the technology. That the customers want to stay with us because they are feeling supported and are happy to work with us, and not because of closed components or software so that they have to stay.


2. What did you expect when joining? 

– The possibility to participate in software development, like THOR for example.


3. What do you hope to get out of the cooperation? 

– To share knowledge, have influence in current and future developments and supporting standardized CANopen-Lift systems.


Evert Visser