Protection of Data Privacy

Each access to and each download from the website are logged. The data registered are not related to any person and IP addresses are anonymized. We cannot trace back neither which data were viewed or downloaded nor by whom. This dataset, however, is memorized on each access:

  • article name
  • language of the article
  • date and time of the visit
  • volume of the transmitted data
  • IP-address of the internet-connection (anonymized)
  • type and version of the used web-browser
  • type and version of the operating system
  • supported screen resolution and colours
  • support of JavaScript yes/no.

Not memorized are particulars of the person having sent the call. User-profiles related to persons thus cannot be represented. The editorial office of NeXt group reserve the right to evaluate the data memorized with the purpose of advancing their range of supply. We will, however, in no case disclose any data to third parties, neither for commercial nor for non-commercial purposes. Cookies, if any, are restricted to the internet-presence of NeXt group. To optimize this site  wird temporarily we use the analytic tool Piwik or Google analytics. Other technics that might serve for reconstructing the access manner of users, are not used. Should you have any question concerning data protection please contact our data protection referee Mr Hellmich Phone: +49 (221) 67789320