General Assembly 2022

This year's general meeting of the NeXt group took place on October 20th, 2022 in Ratingen / Germany.

The members were informed about the financial situation and were given a review of the activities of the past financial year.

The newly elected board consists of Geert Maurissen (SafeLine) as Chairman, Volker Hager (Hydroware) as Business Director and Jörg Hellmich (ELFIN Technology) as Technical Director.

It was also decided to relocate the headquarters of the NeXt group to Ratingen.

After the budget for 2023 was approved, the future technical orientation and marketing activities were the focus of discussion.

The aim is to define the standard developed by the members for the transmission of lift data to the cloud 'NXg-003 - CANopen-Lift Connector' as a draft standard in the coming weeks and to publish it in Q4/2023. At the same time, further standards for the networking of elevators are to be developed within the NeXt group. 

Initial planning has begun for participation in the Interlift 2023.

Attendees will continue discussions with component manufacturers, elevator companies and operators to share open standards for elevators and escalators.

New NeXt group office in Ratingen