Jonathan Beebe

Jonathan Beebe has more than 40 years experience of bringing the latest software design and data modelling technologies into the domain of lift system control and monitoring. Following his PhD thesis entitled “Lift Management” (completed at a time when there were virtually no computer controlled lifts anywhere in the world) he was employed to design and implement software for dispatcher algorithms and single car controllers coupled with a remote performance monitoring system.

Throughout his career Jonathan has maintained an active interest in research, resulting in the publication of The Standard Elevator Information Schema (SEIS) in 2003. This is a formal specification of the complete set of information entities, their interrelationships and possible values that describe the operation of lifts (and escalators) and their passenger traffic. The objective is not to define how to get information from one place to another, but rather what information to send. SEIS is published under the Creative Commons licence with free and open access to anyone who is interested.

Jonathan’s current research project is developing a Global Dispatcher Interface (GDI), based entirely on the SEIS. The GDI provides a standard interface to any configuration of lifts and control equipment including destination control, self-learning algorithms, double-deck cars, multiple cars in a shaft, etc. GDI looks forward to the era of smart buildings and cities in which vertical transportation systems will play a fundamental role.

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Jonathan Beebe
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