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Peter Åman Motum

With an ambition of lifting Sweden to new heights, it’s no coincidence that the Motum group of lift companies have a proud history stretching all the way back to the 1970s for some of its subsidiaries. 

With more than eleven independent subsidiaries and market leaders all over Sweden, Motum has labelled itself the sustainable lift group, favouring modernisations rather than new installations.

An aspect that weighed heavily in the decision to join NeXt Group according to Peter Åman, CEO of subsidiary Hissgruppen – with THOR being one of their most crucial modernisation choices.

– We chose to join NeXt Group to get access to the THOR software as this gives us a modern interface, both for technicians and customers. It also gives us the opportunity to be flexible in the future regarding component selection at the rest of the facility.

Now, with access to all the benefits of the NeXt Group’s products and a development process in touch with the market demands, Peter’s hopes are that the NeXt Group continues to grow, and that THOR continues to be an attractive system on the market.

– It has given us the opportunity to have an open-source lift system, which enables more stakeholders to take advantage of this technology.

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